Wound, Dachshund

Case Study

Wound, Dachshund

  • September 29 2023
  • Case Studies

Author(s): "Marshall Animal Care Center, Marshall, MI"

Signalment:  8 year old, F/S Dachshund

Presentation:  Attacked by large dog; presented to second veterinarian 6 days post-attack after large amount of skin sloughed

Approximate Size of Area Treated (in cm2):  387 cm2

Total Energy Delivered (= Power x Time):  Treated with 1740 J total (4.5 J/cm2) each session

Frequency of Treatment:  Treated every-other-day.

Other Treatments:  Treated every-other-day.  Dilute Nolvasan used to soak rolled gauze covered with Vet Flex EZ Tear cohesive bandage between laser sessions.  No further surgical debridement and/or skin grafting was needed/performed.

Marshall Animal Care Center Wound