Two 20-Second Videos That Will Make You a Laser Therapy Believer

Two 20-Second Videos That Will Make You a Laser Therapy Believer

  • April 19 2024
  • Admin

Class IV laser therapy is changing the lives of thousands every day – people and animals alike!  Veterinary laser therapy is helping reduce pain and inflammation for a wide variety of animals from horses, to cats & dogs, to snakes & penguins.

Just like humans, penguins are prone to suffering from chronic arthritis.  Class IV laser therapy effectively relieves inflammation associated with arthritis – providing the patient with pain relief and increased range of motion.  Check out this 20-second before and after video of an arthritic penguin that received Class IV laser therapy treatment.


Another example of an animal enduring chronic pain is Serena, an 11 year-old rabbit suffering from severe arthritis and muscle atrophy, a common condition in aging rabbits.  Serena was treated 3 times with the laser initially and showed great improvement.  She was then moved into a maintenance program, receiving treatments once a month.  Serena was treated at 6 Watts for 3 minutes on each hip and lower spine (6 minutes total).

The same treatment principles used to rehabilitate these two animals are being used every day by clinicians worldwide.  If your pet is suffering from chronic pain – or if you treat pets that endure pain on a daily basis, see if Class IV laser therapy is an option for your pet or a good fit for your practice.  It worked for Penguin #10 and Serena!