Thermal Burn, Shih Tzu

Case Study

Thermal Burn, Shih Tzu

  • September 29 2023
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Author(s): "Dr. Shannon Moffat, DVM & Mrs. Nicole Brown, RVT, Oak Ridge Animal Clinic, Ontario, Canada"

Signalment:  Canine, 8 yrs. M/N, Shih Tzu, “ChiLin”.

History:  Patient presented for dental procedure including extractions.  Owner mentioned a painful back.

Diagnosis:  Dorsum shows a 20cm2 spherical area of erythema with patches of ulcerated skin, serious discharge of ulcerated areas.

Laser Treatment:  5J/cm2 delivered to target site, utilizing preset wound treatment protocol, delivered 492 total joules to entire affected area & nearby healthy tissue margins (100cm2)

Frequency of Treatments:  Once daily for 14 days, then EOD until resolution.

Other Treatments Included:  Once daily for 14 days, then EOD until resolution.

Comments:  DVM reports to have seen a similar case needing two months to heal (without photobiomodulation being utilized).  In this case, it only took 3.5 weeks for the patient to heal.  Dr. Moffat reports “Wound healing time was drastically reduced by half simply by daily laser treatments”.

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