The Use of The Stance Analyzer in a Clinical Setting

Stance Analyzer

The Use of The Stance Analyzer in a Clinical Setting

  • October 4 2023
  • Companion

Keyword: Orthopedic Disease, Stance Analyzer, Osteoarthritis, Weight Distribution

Author(s): João C. Alves, DVM, MSc


The evaluation of limb use is an essential assessment during orthopedic and rehabilitation examination. It is also a part of the evaluation of patient progression and response to treatment. Changes in weight-bearing occur from an early stage of the disease processes. The Companion Stance Analyzer is more accessible, easier to use and is a piece of movable equipment. Results obtained with the Stance Analyzer and pressure-sensitive walkway measurements were highly correlated to each other. The evaluation of weight distribution with the Stance Analyzer can determine with good accuracy the limb on which a dog was objectively lame as well as the limb with the orthopedic disease. From a clinician perspective, and our personal experience, the Stance Analyzer provides several advantages.

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