Tendon Injury, Warmblood

Case Study

Tendon Injury, Warmblood

  • September 29 2023
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Signalment: Equine warm blood, 8yrs.

History: Patient (a show jumper) presented with acute right thoracic limb lameness after taking part in competition over a poor surface.

Diagnostics and Exam Findings: Ultrasonographical exam revealed a lesion to the right front superficial digital flexor tendon. The cross-sectional area of the lesion was 1.24cm² with the core lesion being 0.28cm².

Laser Treatment: Delivered a total of 3,500 Joules to the entire affected area & nearby healthy tissue margins.

Frequency of Treatment: Laser therapy was started every other day for four treatments, then every three days for an additional four treatments, and then biweekly and eventually weekly for a total of 15 treatments until resolution.

Comments: The initial ultrasound recheck (six weeks post-presentation) showed the appearance of the tendon had substantially improved since the initial insult. The defect was being filled and the local fiber pattern normalized. As Photobiomodulation (PBM) Therapy continued on a tapering basis of treatment frequency (from every other day to weekly as a tapering treatment frequency was utilized), the hand-walking was augmented in increasing intervals as well. The patient resumed flat light work, then work under saddle, and then light, low jumping and continued to improve until it competed at 1.5M and placed. The total recovery time from initial insult to the end of treatment was fourteen weeks.