Tail Amputation, Hound Mix

Case Study

Tail Amputation, Hound Mix

  • September 29 2023
  • Case Studies

Author(s): "Dr. Michael Pride, Satfford Veterinary Hospital, New Jersey, USA"

Signalment:  Canine, 9yrs., M/N, Hound mix, “Ragnar”.

History:  Severe soft tissue injury: patient had repeatedly self-mutilated his tail, exposing bone and cartilage.

Diagnosis and Exam Findings:  Patient self-mutilated after initial surgical repair, destroying it.  After a second surgical revisit, laser therapy was applied in addition to standard of care.

Laser Treatment:  5J/cm2 using the wound treatment preset protocol, delivered to the wound site at the end of the tail, delivered a total of 492 joules.

Frequency of Treatments:  Twice weekly for a total number of 8 treatments in a 30 day period.

Other Treatments Included:  Standard of care including antibiotics, NSAID, and oral pain management was implemented, as well as daily wet to dry bandage changes for ten days.

Comments:  This case demonstrated how much faster a wound can heal and how much more comfortable the patient can be when used.

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