Snake Bite and Ruptured Abscess, German Shorthair Pointer, "Sadie"

Case Study

Snake Bite and Ruptured Abscess, German Shorthair Pointer, "Sadie"

  • September 29 2023
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Author(s): Dr. Ciji Sabo, Crawford Road Animal Hospital, Phenix City, AL

Signalment: Canine, 8 years, female, German Shorthair Pointer, “Sadie”

History: The patient initially presented for treatment of an abscess on the ventral neck. Three days later, the abscess ruptured, leaving a large open wound.

Diagnostics and Exam Findings: Necrotic, sloughing tissue consistent with a snake bite.

Laser Treatment: Off-contact treatment delivery was utilized following the preset “Deep Wound” protocol (7J/cm2), LARGE non-contact treatment head.

Frequency of Treatment: A total of 14 treatments over 30 days (~every 2-3 days).

Other Treatments: Enrofloxacin and wound dressings, bandage changes.

Comments: As soon as photobiomodulation therapy was initiated, the wound started to decrease in size and show a healthy granulation bed. Within three weeks, the wound had continued to heal nicely and bandaging was discontinued. Resolution was attained within one month from presentation.


Treatments 1-4
After Laser Treatments 1-4

Treatment 10
After 10 treatments

Treatment 14
After 14 treatments