Severe Trauma, Multiple Fractures, Feline

Case Study

Severe Trauma, Multiple Fractures, Feline

  • September 29 2023
  • Case Studies

Author(s): "Thonglor Pet Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand"


Signalment:  8 months old, F/S DSH, Feline, “Noah”

History:  Presented with severe trauma after falling out of 8th story window.

Initial Diagnostics:  Multiple fractures were noted on radiographs (jaw fracture, right midshaft oblique radius fracture, bilateral complete fractures of Metacarpals 2-5 with displacement) as well as pulmonary trauma.

Surgical Treatment:  Internal fixation for radial fracture and all metacarpal fractures.

Hospitalization and Treatment:  Hospitalized for 23 days, bandaged forelimbs for first 10 days and performed laser therapy during daily bandage changes; antibiotics (Clavamox).

Laser Therapy Treatment:  880 Total Joules to 150 cm2 area each foreleg (6 J/cm2) at 3 watts daily for 20 days.

Treatment Results:
After 3rd session
 swelling and inflammation on paws significantly reduced and minimal; patient allowed paws to be touched and handled and started toe-touching.

After 10th session completely weight bearing on both front paws, incisions healed completely, hair growth extensive.

Day 23 Hospitalized discharge.