Severe Spondylosis & Osteoarthritis, Pug

Case Study

Severe Spondylosis & Osteoarthritis, Pug

  • September 29 2023
  • Case Studies

Author(s): "VetMed Animal Clinic, Covington, GA"


Signalment:  11.5 year old, M/N, Pug, “Guiness”

Presentation:  History of CHF, epilepsy (on chronic phenobarbital), repeat urinary tract infections (from laying in urine), osteoarthritis.  Patient’s chronic UTI’s and urine scald were from immobility.  Chronic medications precluded the use of certain pharmacologics for osteoarthritis pain.  Spinal/Pelvic radiographs revealed severe spondylosis and osteoarthritis of both hips.

Treatment Details:  Laser therapy, 6W for 2519 total Joules over lumbar spine, both hips; every 3 days for 5 treatments, then weaned to maintenance treatment every 2-4 weeks.  Other treatments included Missing Link Joint Supplement and acupuncture.

Treatment Results:  “After the 2nd treatment, the owners said he was barking and begging for food and treats while they were cooking!  He had not interacted this way for several years.  By the 4th treatment he ran across the room at home to greet his owners!” – Dr. Rhonda Ross