Perianal Fistula, Canine, "Songsong"

Case Study

Perianal Fistula, Canine, "Songsong"

  • September 29 2023
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Case Courtesy of: Dr. Qiumin Ren Rippaywarth Pet Hospital, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China.

Signalment: Chinese local canine breed, 16 years old, male/neutered,“Songsong”.

History: This chronic condition required six surgeries over a 3-year period with several relapses after surgery(ies) and prolonged recovery. The last surgery was on July 1st, 2018, and the wound re-opened in October 2018, when there was another rupture on the upper right aspect of the anus. The lesion was still present nine months later. The patient was referred to Dr. Qiumin Ren on July 24, 2019, and routine post-op procedures were performed, including the use of anti-inflammatories for pain relief and wound care. On August 6, the wound reopened again with purulent discharge.
Photobiomodulation therapy was initiated August 6, 2019. The wound healed after 17 days of laser treatment and has not relapsed since.

Laser Treatment: The preset “perianal fistula” protocol was selected, delivering a fluence of ~ 15J/cm2 in a NON-contact manner with the LARGE non-contact treatment head over the perianal lesions.

Frequency of Treatment: The patient was treated once daily for the first week, and then once every other day for a total 12 treatments.

Other Treatments: Standard wound care

Testimony from Dr. Qiumin Ren
“Companion Animal CLASS IV laser is so incredible. The owner of Song-song and our clinic colleagues all think the laser is so magical. All of us do not want to give up on Songsong. The Companion Laser is our last chance to save Songsong’s life. A miracle did happen! I know lots of veterinarians may not believe it, but it is true!”


After one laser treatment

After seven laser threatments