Osteoarthritis, Labrador Retriever

Case Study

Osteoarthritis, Labrador Retriever

  • September 29 2023
  • Case Studies

Author(s): "Chambersburg Animal Hospital, Chambersburg, PA"


Signalment:  11 year old, F/S Labrador Retriever, “Willow”

History:  Chronic history of right forelimb lameness and difficulty “getting up and down” but owner presented dog for acute left forelimb lameness

Ortho Exam:  Grade 4/5 lameness left forelimb; left elbow joint capsule palpated thickened; decreased ROM and evidence of osteoarthritis in multiple joints

Initial Diagnostics:  Radiographs showed evidence of severe OA in left elbow joint

Laser Therapy:  All between 8-12 W CW
2000 Total Joules to each elbow
2000 Total Joules to left shoulder
2800 Total Joules to each stifle, hip(s)
2800 Total Joules to lumbar spine

Treatment Frequency:  Twice weekly for 6 weeks

Other Treatments:  Adequan injectable; Tramadol.  *Patient had previously been treated with Rimadyl but resulted in no improvement per owner, since patient was taking Temaril-P chronically for allergies, no NSAID was prescribed.