Osteoarthritis, German Shepherd

Case Study

Osteoarthritis, German Shepherd

  • September 29 2023
  • Case Studies

Author(s): "Maumee Valley Veterinary Clinic, Woodburn, IN"


Species & Breed:  9 year old, F/S, German Shepherd, “Dakota”

Presentation:  Patient presented with posture that was very poor, maintaining a half crouch most of the time.  The left stifle revealed a slight anterior drawer motion.  The Cincinnati Orthopedic Disability Index (CODI) was only 47 out of a possible normal score of 100.  Radiographs revealed severe bilateral osteoarthritis of the hips and likely partial CCL tear in left rear leg.

Treatment Details:  3,600 total Joules administered to each hip and 3,300 Joules to left stifle at 10W of CW; Initially EOD frequency for 7 treatments, then decreased to twice weekly for 1 week, then once weekly, now on maintenance schedule of 1 treatment every 4 weeks.  Other treatment included Dasuquin supplement twice daily.

Treatment Results:  By 7/20 CODI Score had markedly improved (total score 100) and patient was able to easily rise from laying down and walk up and down stairs comfortably.