Necrotic Wound, Canine, "Keita"

Case Study

Necrotic Wound, Canine, "Keita"

  • September 29 2023
  • Case Studies

Keyword: photobiomodulation; necrotic wound; canine

Author(s): Dr. Bryan Murphy, Crawford Road Animal Hospital, Phenix City, AL

Signalment: Canine, 7 years old, F/S, “Keita”

History: Soft tissue trauma (dog bite) leading to a necrotizing wound. The patient presented to a different veterinarian where initial surgical repair was performed. The patient re-presented to Dr. Murphy 1 week later for wound dehiscence. Surgical debridement of necrotic wound edges and repair was performed. Unfortunately, this procedure was unsuccessful as well, due to underlying unhealthy tissue. Ten (10) days after the initial injury, skin margins were tacked to the underlying granulation tissue and photobiomodulation(PBMt) was initiated.

Laser Treatment: Preset “Superficial Wound” protocol with a non-contact delivery technique at ~ 5J/cm².

Frequency of Treatment: Three times weekly.

Other Treatments: Clavamox 500/125mg (1 tablet PO BID) was started at initial visit


1 - Original presentation

2 - Initial surgical repair prior to failure

3 - Initial laser treatment (10 days after
initial trauma)

4, 5 - Laser treatment #4 (2 weeks after
laser initiated)

6, 7 - 3 weeks after laser initiated

8 - 5 weeks after laser initiated