IVDD, Yorkshire Terrier Mix

Case Study

IVDD, Yorkshire Terrier Mix

  • September 29 2023
  • Case Studies

Author(s): "Dr. Marnie Duplissis, McClintock Animal Care Center, Tempe, AZ"

Signalment: Canine, 5 yr., F/S, Yorkie mix, “Roxy”.

History: Pt. presented with paresis of the pelvic limbs.

Diagnostics and Exam Findings: Hind end paraplegia, with some remaining blunted deep pain. Radiographs found a calcified disk between the last thoracic and first lumbar vertebrae (T13-L1). Extensor rigidity in the pelvic limbs and loss of panniculus over the mid-lumbar spine. The patient also had a pronounced kyphotic stance.

Laser Treatment: Using a contact technique, a dosage of 15 J/cm² was delivered to the target site.

Frequency of Treatment: The patient received a total of six treatments in a 28 day period in the following timeframe: Day 1, 3, 7, 14, 21, and 28 (thus utilizing a tapering treatment frequency).

Other Treatments: The patient received prednisone 5mg tablets as a tapering dose over three weeks, Tramadol 12.5mg and methocarbamol 125mg.

Comments: After the first treatment, she was able to urinate on her own (she could not before then). She was also able to ambulate a bit. After 3 treatments she could walk, but still with some stumbling. After 6 she was walking completely normally.