IVDD & Rear Limb Paresis, Lhasa Apso

Case Study

IVDD & Rear Limb Paresis, Lhasa Apso

  • September 29 2023
  • Case Studies

Author(s): "Maumee Valley Veterinary Clinic, Woodburn, IN"


Signalment:  7.5 year old, F/S, Lhasa Apso

Presentation:  Owners presented patient to the veterinarian after the dog was reluctant to climb stairs.  On physical exam, the patient was painful in T-L spine and had motor ability in rear legs but was weak (paretic).  Survey spinal radiographs showed narrowed IV disc space at T13-L1 and multiple calcified discs in lumbar spine (evidence of IVDD).

Treatment Details:  Laser therapy, 3600 total Joules delivered at 10W, CW from T10-L7 spine EOD until significant improvement was seen (4th treatment) then twice weekly for 2 weeks, then once weekly, then monthly.  Other treatments including 20mg Prednisone PO Q 24 hrs for 4 days.

Treatment Results:  Before video taken on initial presentation – patient is severely paretic and unable to stand without support.  Post video was taken after 4 treatment sessions.  Patient is able to stand and ambulate comfortably on her own.