IVDD and Acute Rear Limb Paresis, Miniature Dachshund

Case Study

IVDD and Acute Rear Limb Paresis, Miniature Dachshund

  • September 29 2023
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Author(s): "Dr. Ilan Waskow, Mile High Animal Hospital of Aurora, CO"


Signalment: Canine, Miniature Dachshund, 14 yrs., M/N, “Worf”

History: Osteoarthritis (on Carprofen BID and Dasuquin); Mitral Valve Insufficiency (on Benazepril, Pimobendan); Presented to Emergency Clinic on 12/26 with acute rear limb paresis; ER DVM diagnosed tentative T3-L3, L4-S3 compressive myelopathy.

Diagnostics and Exam Findings: Neuro exam on 12/27 revealed CP’s absent bilaterally in rear but deep pain present, originally had CP positive in LR on presentation 12/26; patellar reflexes absent RR, weak but present LR; recommended MRI and surgery, started Gabapentin 50mg BID and advised strict rest. RDVM increased dose of Gabapentin on 12/27 to 100mg TID PRN and discussed surgery again with pet owner. Owner declined surgery d/t concerns re: heart disease and anesthesia risk. RDVM discussed laser therapy.

Laser Treatment: Pain/Trauma protocol utilized, LARGE contact treatment head, thoracic spine (1368 total joules), lumbar spine (1050 total joules), sacrum/hips (1200 total joules) at 5-6 W power.

Frequency of Treatment: Once daily for 6 days, then EOD for 3 treatments, then Q4 days for 3 treatments, then once weekly for 3 treatments (total of 15 sessions over 6 weeks); has transitioned to monthly maintenance since.

Other Treatments: Continued Carprofen and Gabapentin as recommended above; started Trazadone 25mg BID on day 9 as dog was becoming too active/anxious when confined at home; rDVM made recommendations for home PT exercises to encourage weight bearing & balancing.

Comments: Owners noted gross motor ability in rear legs returning on day 3 at home. By day 6, motor markedly improved, patient still knuckling in rear; by day 14, motor strong, knuckling rarely.