Equine, Tristan, Fungal Infection

Photobiomodulation/Laser Therapy

Equine, Tristan, Fungal Infection

  • May 29 2024
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Equine, Tristan, Fungal Infection

Signalment: Equine, 20yo, M

History: Tristan developed a fungal infection after sharing a girth with other horses. The swelling and
discomfort from the infection caused Tristan to walk sideways. He began treatment with an oral antibiotic
and antifungal and antibacterial topicals but minimal improvement was seen after five days and some areas
worsened. At that time, laser therapy was added to Tristan’s treatment plan. No other changes were made.

Diagnostics and Exam Findings: The left girth region was edematous, reddened, and scaly.

Laser Treatment Details: The deep wound protocol was used to deliver 2172J – 5424J pending lesion size
as healing occurred at 6W (fluence of 7J/cm2). The large, off-contact treatment head was used.

Frequency of Treatment: Daily for three treatments

Other Treatments: Equisul SDT (12,000mg PO BID). MiconHex + Triz Spray Conditioner TID, Entederm
ointments QD, Equishield CK Shampoo QD.

Comments: After three laser therapy treatments, the edema had resolved and the skin was nearly normal
with no reddening or flaking present. All other treatments had already been completed or stopped due to
the rapid improvement seen with laser therapy. Laser therapy allowed the infection to resolve when other
treatments did not lead to improvement.