Decubital Ulcer, Rough Collie

Case Study

Decubital Ulcer, Rough Collie

  • September 29 2023
  • Case Studies

Author(s): "Creature Comforts Animal Clinic, Dublin, OH"

Signalment:  13 year old, M/N, Rough Collie

Presentation:  Found by a good Samaritan in a ditch; tetraparetic with large decubital ulcer on R Hip and R Shoulder

Approximate Size of Area Treated (in cm2):  112 cm2

Total Energy Delivered (= Power x Time):  Treated with 429 J total (4.4 J/cm2) each session

Other Treatments:  Daily sterile bandage changes, wound debridement, antibiotics, pain medication, and physical therapy.  Therapy over 4 weeks.