Cartilage Tear with Shoulder OA, Terrier Cross, "Xeva"

Regenerative Medicine

Cartilage Tear with Shoulder OA, Terrier Cross, "Xeva"

  • September 29 2023
  • Case Studies

Author(s): Dr. John Mather, Greenbay Vets, Devon, United Kingdom




Signalment: Canine, 10 years old, F/S, Terrier cross, “Xeva”.

History:  The patient presented with a one-year history of intermittent left foreleg lameness There was no improvement to robenacoxib. and other medication combinations.

Diagnostics and Exam Findings:  Multiple diagnostics (CT, musculoskeletal ultrasound, radiographs) were normal. Arthroscopy showed a full thickness cartilage tear to the caudomedial humeral head. Arthrocentesis revealed degenerative mononuclear arthropathy.

PRP Treatment:  Two milliliters (2ml) of PRP were injected into the left glenohumeral joint. NSAID was discontinued for two weeks post-PRP injection.

Stance Analysis: The stance analyzer was used to collect baseline readings on weight distribution. The left foreleg showed improvement in bearing weight from 20% to 28% (normal 30%).

Frequency of Treatment:  A second injection of PRP was considered two months after the initial injection.

Other Treatments:  Standard of care was applied, including gabapentin and Synovin EFA. Gabapentin was discontinued after the PRP injection, and robenacoxib was used for break-through episodes but has not been needed for ~ 4 months.

Comments:  The patient continues to exercise freely with other dogs.

Initial radiograph: