Canine, "Whiskey," Degloving Injury

Case Study

Canine, "Whiskey," Degloving Injury

  • September 28 2023
  • Case Studies

Keyword: Photobiomodulation, degloving, canine, beagle, pit bull

Author(s): Dr. Henry, Raymond Animal Hospital, Raymond, NH



Canine, Beagle/Pitt Bull Terrier Mix, 4yo, FS 


Whiskey was hit by a car resulting in a degloving injury of the right hindlimb.  The wound was surgically repaired but the proximal aspect of the wound could not be closed. 

Diagnostics and Exam Findings   

A flap laceration of the right hind metatarsal region was present.  

Laser Treatment Details  

The wound was treated with the large, off-contact head using the superficial wound preset protocol.  A 3X4” area size was selected and 352 Joules (4J/cm2) were delivered at 4 Watts.  

Frequency of Treatment   

6 laser therapy treatments were performed over the course of 25 days.  

Other Treatments   

Regular bandage changes using a microlyte patch were performed.  The patient was placed on 500mg cephalexin and 100mg carprofen 2X daily and 300mg gabapentin 2-3X daily. 


Whiskey did well at home and healing of the wound was achieved. 



After 4 days and first laser treatment

4 Days 1st Laser Treatment

After 15 days and 4th laser treatment

After 25 days and 6th laser treatment

After 39 days, post-injury