Canine, "Sully," Abscess

Case Study

Canine, "Sully," Abscess

  • September 28 2023
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Canine, "Sully," Abscess


Author(s): Savannah Thompson, Culbreth Care Watson Animal Clinic, Rome, GA


Signalment: Canine, 4mo MN, Mixed Breed

History: Sully was being treated for canine parvovirus when he developed an abscess over his thorax. Surgical debridement of the abscess was performed and wound management began.

Diagnostics and Exam Findings: During initial treatment for parvovirus, the patient was lethargic and anorexic. One week after treatment began, a serosanguineous discharge coming from the ventral chest region was noted and it was believed abscessation of previously delivered subcutaneous fluids had occurred. The tissue was debrided leaving a wound that covered the entire right lateroventral thorax and proximocaudal aspect of his right front limb.

Laser Treatment Details: The superficial wound protocol was used to deliver a dose of 368J to 1127J pending wound size as healing occurred (fluence of 4.5J/cm2). The large off-contact treatment head was utilized.

Frequency of Treatment: Twenty laser therapy treatments were performed over 29 days.

Other Treatments: Standard medical therapies including fluid administration, antiemetics (Cerenia), and antibiotics (Convenia and Clavamox) were utilized for canine parvovirus treatment. Wound care consisted of a topical dermal gel and an additional debridement of the wound edges.

Comments: The owner is grateful that laser therapy allowed the wound to quickly heal with minimal scarring despite its location in a mobile area on a very active puppy.