Canine, "Kyoto", Happy Tail Syndrome

Case Study

Canine, "Kyoto", Happy Tail Syndrome

  • September 29 2023
  • Case Studies

Keyword: laser therapy, photobiomodulation, happy tail syndrome, wound, pitt bull

Author(s): Dr. Kelly Jones, Heartland Veterinary Hospital, Danville, KY

Canine, 1yo FS, American Pitt Bull Terrier Mix 

Kyoto had a wound on the tip of her tail for approximately two months.  The owner had been bandaging and treating the wound with antibiotic ointment, but it reopened every time she wagged 
her tail. She then presented to her veterinarian for further care.

Diagnostic and Exam Findings 
A circumferential wound encompassing the last 1” of the patient’s tail was present. 

Laser Treatment 
The superficial wound protocol was used to deliver 176 Joules at 2W over a 2x3” area (4.5J/cm2). The large off-contact head was used. 

Frequency of Laser Treatment 
Laser therapy was performed twice weekly for one week then reduced to once weekly for four weeks.  

Other Treatments 
Cefpoderm (200mg QD x 14 days) and Deramaxx (25mg QD x 21 days) were given.

Kyoto’s tail was almost fully healed by day 14, which the veterinarian attributes to the addition of laser therapy.