Canine, “Prince”, Degenerative Disc Disease

Case Study

Canine, “Prince”, Degenerative Disc Disease

  • April 23 2024
  • Case Studies

Keyword: photobiomodulation, degenerative disc disease, laser therapy, canine, Doberman Pinscher

Author(s): Dr. Amy Manhart, Vincennes Veterinary Clinic, Vincennes, IN

Canine, 12yo, M, Doberman Pinscher

Prince had a two-year history of multi-limb lameness, paraparesis, and ataxia

Exam Findings
The patient had decreased to absent proprioception of the left thoracic and pelvic limbs. He had a wide-based stance and appeared kyphotic. He had difficulty rising and occasionally scuffed his rear paws when walking. Degenerative disc disease was suspected.

Laser Treatment 
A single laser therapy treatment treating the hips and lumbar spine with the osteoarthritis protocol was performed. 21,600 joules (15 J/cm2) were delivered at 18 Watts using the XL contact treatment head. 

Immediately after Prince's laser session, his mobility and proprioception were improved.