Canine, “Kennedy”, interdigital dermatitis

Case Study

Canine, “Kennedy”, interdigital dermatitis

  • September 29 2023
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Canine, “Kennedy”, interdigital dermatitis

Keyword: photobiomodulation, interdigital dermatitis, laser therapy, canine, irish setter

Author(s): Ashton Thompson, DVM, CCRP, cVMA

Canine, 1yo M, Irish Setter

Kennedy presented with interdigital dermatitis between P3/P4 bilaterally. The areas were clipped
free of hair, rinsed with saline, and then treated with laser therapy. Immediately after the first treatment, there was a significant decrease in inflammation and drying of the lesion.

Laser Treatment 
The pyotraumatic dermatitis protocol was used to deliver a fluence of 4.5J/cm² at 2W. The large, off-contact treatment head was used.

Frequency of Laser Treatment 
Three treatments were delivered over the course of one week until the lesions resolved.

Other Treatments 
No other treatments or medications were used.

The owner was pleased that antibiotics were not needed and that Kennedy only required an
e-collar for a few days due to the rapid decrease in pain and inflammation.