Canine, “Gus”, Pitting Edema of the Face and Neck

Case Study

Canine, “Gus”, Pitting Edema of the Face and Neck

  • September 28 2023
  • Case Studies

Author(s): Houston K-911 Rescue and Texas A&M Veterinary Teaching Hospital


Signalment: Canine, ~10-month-old, MI, American Pit Bull Terrier, “Gus” 



Gus was found as a stray with a shoelace embedded around his neck.     

The patient had four surgical procedures over two months to remove the granulation tissue to promote better venous drainage.  He also received regular laser therapy treatments while hospitalized to help reduce the pitting edema of his face and neck.   

Diagnostics and Exam Findings 

Extensive, circumferential wound bed with granulation tissue of the neck resulting in restricted venous drainage and severe pitting edema of the face and neck.     

Additionally, the patient had other traumatic injuries (gunshot wounds) as well as severe malnourishment, parasitism, and skin infection(s).  

Laser Treatment Details    

Treatment site: Face and neck bilaterally 

Protocol: Edema/swelling (8-11 J/cm2) utilizing the LARGE contact treatment head over affected area(s) decreasing size area as lesions improved. 

Power: 8 Watts 

Total Dose: 1800 Joules/side (3600J Total) 

Frequency of Treatment:   22 treatments over 4.5weeks 

Other Treatments Related to Pitting Edema:   Surgical debridement of granulation tissue, massage, electrical stimulation, cryotherapy. 

Comments:   Surgical debridement in combination with laser therapy treatments allowed for resolution of the edema of the face and neck.     Facial/neck circumference reduced from 53cm to 37cm over 13 treatments