Canine, 10yo, M, Samoyed, “Romeo”

Regenerative Medicine

Canine, 10yo, M, Samoyed, “Romeo”

  • September 28 2023
  • Case Studies

Keyword: Regenerative Medicine, Stance Analysis, Medial Coronoid Disease, Osteoarthritis, Platelet Rich Plasma

Author(s): Dr. Lisa Mason, Florida Veterinary Rehabilitation, Deland, FL

History: Two-year history of bilateral medial coronoid disease and mild osteoarthritis with fragmentation on the right diagnosed via CT scan. Both elbows received platelet-rich plasma (PRP) the year prior and responded well but over the last month, the patient’s lameness had begun to worsen. Previously, the patient had been very active and was a former competitive athlete.

Diagnostics and Exam Findings: The right elbow had pain on flexion and extension. A right forelimb lameness was present at a walk and a trot. PRP Treatment Details: 2mls of PRP was injected into the right elbow joint.

Frequency of Treatment: A second injection of PRP in combination with HA was administered 9 weeks later due to pain and lameness persisting. Other Treatments: Romeo took Previcox and received shockwave to the shoulders and elbows as needed. He was also on Adequan, Omega 3 fatty acids, Dasuquin Advanced with eggshell membrane, and Antinol.

Stance analysis: Stance analysis reflected an improvement in the right forelimb after treatment. At presentation, the right forelimb supported 27% of total body weight (normal 30%) and 10 wks after the first PRP injection, improved to 31%. The primary limb of compensation (left forelimb) showed improvement as well, initially bearing 37% of total body weight and decreasing back to 31%

Comments: After two rounds of PRP, Romeo was comfortable during range of motion of the right elbow, had no signs of lameness, and was able to return to exercise. He also no longer required NSAIDs.