One Simple Marketing Tip You Won’t Believe

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One Simple Marketing Tip You Won’t Believe

  • July 10 2024
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Companion | Lasers for Life

Looking for an innovative way to market your class IV laser therapy services to your clients?  Laser-safe Doggles® could be the answer!  How can laser-safe Doggles help?  Here’s what veterinary laser therapy providers are saying…

Client-Driven Social Media:  Clients love how their pet looks during their treatment wearing the laser-safe Doggles and they often take photos.  They post photos of their pet on their own Facebook pages and share the photos with their friends.  One single photo has the potential to be seen by hundred or even thousands of people.  Your clients’ friends will ask them about the photo and they will tell them their pet was treated at your clinic.

Staff-Driven Social Media:  The staff can also get involved with the pet wearing the laser-safe Doggles.  With the client’s permission the staff can post photos of the pet on the practice Facebook and Twitter pages.  This shows your followers a new treatment they may have not experienced before which will result in more interest from your existing client base.

Client Satisfaction:  When administering class IV laser therapy treatment eye-safety is a consideration.  The clinician and pet owner must wear eye protection – the pet should have eye protection too.  As the clinician you may cover the pet’s eyes with a dark cloth but the pet owners are very appreciative of your consideration for their pet’s eye safety by providing the Doggles.

Generate Interest:  Display photos of pets wearing laser-safe doggles being treated with class IV laser therapy in the waiting room.  These photos generate interest from clients waiting to see a clinician – and clients love to see photos of their pet on the wall!

Laser-safe doggles are a great way to get the word out about your class IV laser therapy program in a viral way.  Suggest sharing doggle photos to your clients; they can share photos on their own Facebook pages and on your practice’s page.  Not all doggles are laser safe – special lenses must be inserted into the frames that protect the patient’s eyes from the specific wavelengths of the laser you are utilizing.    Laser-safe doggles can be purchased from Companion Therapy, contact Companion for more information.