5 Ways to Recharge Your Veterinary Team

  • September 17 2023
  • Admin

Feeling burnt out? We hear you. Here are five easy tips to give your team a jump-start

Burnout in the veterinary industry is no joke. We have seen firsthand the impact that stress and the breakneck pace of the veterinary clinic can have on employees. For some industries, the global pandemic slowed the speed—but not veterinary medicine. We have some tips to help you refocus on your team and recharge their physical and emotional batteries.

Before we get started, we should dispel a few myths about the impact of fast-paced work environments on productivity:

  • Stress makes me move faster! It might for a minute, but the energy drain that follows is counterproductive.
  • I get so much done! A lack of focus can negatively impact our quality of work, which is directly impacted by high stress levels. It also negatively influences creative thinking.
  • I am handling it just fine! When was the last time you had lunch or casually chatted with a coworker? High-stress environments have a negative impact in interpersonal communications, which can result in unnecessary workplace friction.

Here are 5 ideas for ways to take back control and recharge your team:

Block Lunch Time

Schedule time for your team to take a lunch break instead of grabbing a granola bar as they run to the next appointment. 30 minutes outside with a sandwich and their thoughts in peace is an excellent way to catch a quick recharge in the middle of the day. According to this survey by Tork, a leading global brand in workplace hygiene, nearly 90% of North American employees claim that taking a lunch break helps them feel refreshed, ready to get back to work, and improves both their productivity and mental well-being.

Connect on a Personal Level

Create opportunities for your team to talk and connect on a personal level. This can mean hosting breakfast before work hours, happy hour, or even a weekend picnic. Everyone has stressors. Connecting on a personal level allows teammates to see each other as whole people instead of just resources in the workplace.

Regroup After Stressful Situations

An angry client yells at someone on your team. What do you do next? Do you move on to the next appointment and hope everything works out? We suggest making time to regroup and talk after stressful situations, for nothing else than to just listen to how your coworker feels. These talks allow for closure and for others to feel seen.

Show Gratitude…Just Because

Surprise your team with thoughtful gestures… just because. This could be a surprise lunch, a cup of coffee, or a post-it note on their desk telling them how amazing they are. You would be surprised at how far a small gesture of appreciation goes.

Pay it Forward

Consider implementing a peer appreciation program where team members can award ‘points’ to each other for positive things around the clinic. Think of the little occurrences: Great client interactions they see, lending a helping hand to a coworker, or just saying a kind word when one was needed to start. Employees can cash in these points for rewards, and the value of these programs becomes seen in employees appreciating each other… which helps employees see themselves the same way others see them.