5 Ways the Stance Analyzer Can Impact Your Clinic

Stance Analyzer

5 Ways the Stance Analyzer Can Impact Your Clinic

  • June 24 2024
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Have you heard about the Stance Analyzer and wondered what role it could play in your clinic? The Stance analyzer is a free-standing pressure pad that gives standing weight bearing readings for each limb. 

Stance Analyzers give you the edge when trying to diagnose conditions that might not be visible – and can provide an objective measure of lameness improvements for animals being treated for things like chronic arthritis. If you are treating with the therapy laser the stance analyzer could be the perfect tool to add to your rehab program. Here are 5 reasons to consider the stance analyzer…

1. Quick, easy, and non-invasive diagnosis. Watch the animal’s weight shift on the stance analyzer in real time and get a detailed report from a summary of data points.
2. Eliminates Subjective Interpretation. If you have concerns about how to show a client improvement in a chronic condition such as a hip dysplasia – use the stance analyzer to show objective measure of weight distribution and balance changes over time.
3. Provides Lameness Assessment. Catch lameness before it beings to impact the life of a pet – early diagnosis can lead to more effective long-term treatment plans.
4. Provides visual representation of weight bearing, stability, and center of gravity. Add value to your clients with easy-to-read and interpret graphics of their pet’s stability.
5. Monitors improvement and tracks patient progress over time. The stance analyzer can track progress over time – give your clients the ease of mind that your treatments are facilitating an improvement.

The Stance Analyzer will take the guess work out of your laser therapy treatment and with the growing pet owner demand for laser therapy, the Stance Analyzer will grow to be a valuable diagnostic tool in every veterinary practice.  Read More Here >>