5 Tips for Laser Integration into Practice

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5 Tips for Laser Integration into Practice

  • June 28 2024
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Companion | Lasers for Life

You have a therapy laser – now how do you start using it?  Implementing any new technology into practice can be a daunting task.  How do you engage your staff?  How do you communicate with clients?  How do you attract new patients?  Here are 5 suggestions for how to integrate laser into your practice:

Conduct an Open House:  This is an opportunity to invite clients to bring their pets to come experience laser therapy treatments, and for staff to practice communicating with clients about laser therapy benefits.

Get Video Testimonials:  Take short video testimonials of patients who are seeing positive results.  Keep the videos to 60 seconds or less.  With the permission of the client post the video on YouTube, your website and your practice’s Facebook page.  This is a fast, easy and free way to spread the word.

Website Presence:  Post information on your website about your new Class IV laser therapy program.  Be sure to link videos, you can link and embed videos from theCompanion Therapy YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/CompanionTherapy.

Use Social Media:  Set up a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Channel for your practice.  Invite clients to post photos and videos of their pet on your Facebook page, this can help quickly expand your network and generate new clients.  Post before and after videos of success stories on your YouTube page and put links to these videos on your Twitter and Facebook pages to maximize exposure.

Involve the Staff:  Have weekly or biweekly staff meetings to get feedback from the staff on client acceptance and any obstacles or successes they are seeing.  This is a great opportunity for your staff to learn from each other and improve client communication based on the experiences of others.

The key to successful integration is clear staff communication.  Everyone in the practice should know what the therapy laser is and how it can help patients.  As staff and clients see clinical improvements word will spread.