Bilateral CCL Rupture, Canine, 10 YO, Doberman Pinscher, “Geiger”

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Bilateral CCL Rupture, Canine, 10 YO, Doberman Pinscher, “Geiger”

  • September 28 2023
  • Case Studies

Author(s): Dr. Betsy Von Trapp, Von Trapp Animal Lodge, Savannah, GA


Signalment: Canine, 10 YO, F/S, Doberman Pinscher, “Geiger”.

History: The patient presented 5 weeks after initial evaluation by rDVM, diagnosed with bilateral CCL disease.

Diagnostics and Exam Findings: Radiographs done at rDVM were not available for review. Physical exam revealed a positive cranial drawer present (bilaterally) and significant (3/4) lameness to the left pelvic limb.

Laser Treatment: The preset “pain/trauma” protocol was used to deliver a deep tissue fluence (~ 15J/cm²) on contact to each stifle.

Stance Analyzer: The patient showed significant weight shifting, initially only bearing 5% on the left pelvic limb (normal being 20%). At the 2 and 4 months recheck examination, it had improved to 10 and 16% respectively. The contralateral pelvic limb initially presented with an overload of 6%, which
was reduced to 2% within 2 months and had normalized to 20% by 4 months.

Frequency of Treatment: Laser treatments were carried out as part of the rehabilitation program and a total of 50 treatments were delivered in 4 months with a varying frequency of every 3-14 days. Stance analysis evaluation was performed every 2 months.

Other Treatments: Standard of care, including NSAID was utilized, as well as adjunctive rehabilitation modalities (underwater treadmill, acupuncture).

Comments: Muscle girth was noted to increase by several centimeters (2cm) within 4 months, as well as normalization of weight-bearing for each limb. This would be consistent with improved mobility and conditioning provided by the UWTM in addition to photobiomodulation treatments.

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