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NEW Stance Analyzer by Companion Animal Health® Provides a Much-Needed Weight-Bearing Data Tracking Solution for General Practitioners

  • September 17 2023
  • Companion

New Castle, DE – March 5, 2019 – Companion Animal Health® announces the launch of their newest diagnostic product – the Stance Analyzer. The Stance Analyzer provides weight-bearing data that rivals that of a gait walkway without the huge footprint and expense.

This tool was developed for General Practitioners to be the hub of every visit in their clinic. The Stance Analyzer provides support of clinical findings such as “pain”, and early lameness detection with objective data that translates into a simple, visual report that can be given to clients.

“We have heard from many of our customers that proving to a pet owner that their pet is experiencing pain is a huge problem,” stated Terri Eck, Director of Strategic Business Development at Companion Animal Health. “The Stance Analyzer allows the veterinarian to remove themselves from the selling process and show the pet owner proof of their pet’s discomfort resulting in increased service sales, happier clients, and pets who are receiving a higher standard of care.”

The Stance Analyzer is designed for use during wellness exams for early lameness detection, during problem visits to support an accurate diagnosis, and as a re-check tool when a pet is engaged in a plan of care.


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