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Leading Animal Health Care Company Unveils Technology Capable of Both Photobiomodulation and Photothermal Therapy

  • September 17 2023
  • Companion

New Castle, DE – February 17, 2020 - Companion Animal Health® is pleased to announce the release of their latest laser technology – the Companion CTS-DUO. Allowing veterinarians to administer photobiomodulation therapy (also known as laser therapy) and photothermal therapy (PTT) using a single piece of equipment, this is the first and only laser technology of this kind.

As a long-time leader in therapeutic laser equipment innovation, Companion Animal Health has been working continuously for nearly a decade to ensure their technology meets the current needs of the veterinary market. By combining the most advanced and clinically-supported therapeutic laser on the market, with exciting new cancer-destroying nanoparticle technology, the Companion CTS-DUO provides both greater therapeutic options for pain relief as well as the ability to provide a new alternative therapy for certain types of cancer. “Based on the prevalence of cancer in companion animals and some of the exciting advances being developed in human medicine, it was the next logical step to look into such oncologic therapies for pets as well,” said Dr. Lisa Miller, Veterinary Medical Director for Companion Animal Health.

Companion Animal Health has completed the first of multiple clinical trials with this new technology in partnership with Dr. Lisa Parshley, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Oncology). The first study, focused on low grade mast cell tumors in dogs, has been completed and other trials looking at additional tumor types in both dogs and cats are underway at additional clinical trial sites throughout the U.S. “I think the potential is huge,” commented Dr. Parshley. “If we can repeat [these treatments] we will be able to replicate what radiation and surgery can do, with much more minimal site involvement and potentially better control in the long run with better quality of life as we’re treating.”

The Companion CTS-DUO additionally features not only a “smart” handpiece, which provides real-time feedback to the laser operator to ensure optimal dosing for therapeutic laser applications, but also includes a new treatment head capable of safely delivering laser therapy doses with the higher irradiance necessary for deeper tissue conditions. In addition, updated protocols with higher power enable users to treat such conditions in a more efficient time frame, while maintaining the increased energy necessary to effectively treat painful conditions including osteoarthritis.

Veterinarians interested in learning more about this technology can visit the CTS DUO product page on the Companion Animal Health website.


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